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Lasagna Soup Love


Perusing my Pinterest boards, I noticed that I have 78 pins on my “Yummies” board and only 4 pins on my “Style”  board. Hmmm.

Moving past the obvious conclusion that could be drawn from that fact, here is one of my newest favorite recipes that can be easily adapted to fit into your “making better choices” lifestyle.  I use very lean ground beef instead of  Italian sausage (and you don’t need to brown it in olive oil!) And I use low fat cottage cheese instead of ricotta, and I’m careful not to add too much pasta to my bowl. YUM!

530_IMG_7602_lasagna-soup    (If the link doesn’t appear, you can copy and paste.)

Food log today: 2 oz Boar’s Head ham and 1/2 cup cottage cheese (I’m getting a little self-conscious about my breakfast rut, but IT WORKS FOR ME.) 🙂 Lunch at the mall, Teriyaki chicken (and I ate only half of what I wanted to.) Supper was a cup of taco soup, 2 tbsp shredded cheese, some pita chips and hummus and a spinach salad with 1 tsp Olive Garden dressing. Tsp of peanut butter tonight for a snack.