My Silly Personal Pity Party


I have a confession to make: today, I had a tiny bit of a personal pity party.

You see, I woke up with a headache – the kind that doesn’t go away. And John is out of town again. Then I didn’t push my coffee cup lid down hard enough, and I poured hot coffee down my chin (so it has been cherry red all day) and on my shirt (the one I wanted to wear) and it dribbled on my white pants (which I wore anyway.)  Then on the way to take Micah to school, someone a few cars ahead decided to be nice and let another car in…but it slowed us all down, and the teenybopper with the phone in her hand behind me didn’t slow down with us. By the time she did decide to slow down, I could see her uvula reflected in my rear-view mirror. THEN, Flores put beans on my taco, which (as Mike Rowe is fond of saying) was unfortunate.  And when I went to have a pedi to make myself feel better, the lady (who was very sweet, but I think we were each having a conversation that neither of us understood) rubbed some kind of lotion on my legs that I must be allergic to, and now I have these cute little red bumps.

And it was my birthday, and I had absolutely no plans. With anyone.

I felt sorry for myself for a while. I didn’t feel very special. Then I started feeling really ashamed of myself. I was humbled. And I started questioning myself.  How often have I made other people feel special on their birthdays? (Not very often, I’m afraid.) Have I been as thoughtful towards others as I should? (Not always.) Have I been self-absorbed, instead of serving others? (Yes.) How spoiled am I, to think everything must revolve around me? How silly, to feel sorry for myself when I have so much to be thankful for! How blessed am I, to have been made to feel special all of these 45 years I’ve been on this earth!

Every time I’ve looked at my phone today, I’ve seen birthday wishes from treasured friends everywhere.

The most wonderful man on the planet loves me. ME!

My family is happy and healthy.

I ate a Flores taco (which I haven’t allowed myself in two years.)

I enjoyed my pedicure (despite the bumps.)

I got a birthday call from Rig!

My dog just licked my elbow, which I take to mean “Happy Birthday” (or maybe, “may I please have the leftover chicken?”)

And Micah and I are about to sit down for another few episodes of LOST.

Life is good. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you, God! Happy birthday to me!

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  1. Any pity party you have is a party I’d like to be invited to! If nothing ever got you down then you’d probably lack compassion. If you never experience the highs and lows of life( even the little coffee dribbled ones) then it would be a boring ride on the kiddie coaster. Thanks for having your head screwed on straight( as my Dad would say), and thanks for letting the rest of us how ok it is to be normal. God bless you, Carla.

  2. Oh girl, it sounds like you had one humdinger of a day. I’m so sorry I didn’t know it was your birthday, I am so wrapped up in my own nonsense that I can barely keep up with the three of us. Happy birthday to you! You are such an amazing person. You have such a way about you. You are calm and soothing and welcoming. Many of the qualities I look for in a friend. I hate to say it but it made me feel just a little bit better knowing that you have pity parties too. But you are human too so duh. Please know that no matter what the day, you have lots of folks out here that love you and think of you and look to you when they are having pity parties of their own. I am one of this very special group. I love you! (((HUGS))) on your day!

    • Shaun – you aren’t wrapped up in nonsense. You’re part of the reason I was ashamed of myself (hope you know what I mean. That sounds bad – because I know you don’t want me to feel that way) – you guys are dealing with serious illness. Makes my silliness even sillier. But thanks for what you said. I love you too – hugs back atcha. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the post. I really enjoyed reading it. Glad that I met you, You always have such encouraging things to read.

  4. I am so thankful that my precious granddaughter has met the love of her life and that he has a mom who has pity parties but more important, that she can admit it and be humbled by the experience. Even though I met and only visited with you very briefly a few months ago, it is evident to me that you are a very special lady. I’m hoping for a very special “Post- Birthday Day” for you tomorrow. Blessings on you and yours, Ms. Carla.

    ‘Lys’ Little Momma

    P.S. I have also experienced the cute pedi little red bumps 🙂

    • Awww, I am so thankful for your sweet Lys! She is a treasure and an answer to prayers! Looking forward to spending more time with you soon, thank you for your words! ❤

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