The FINE Art of Sandwich Making


While many of you are crafting creative and complicated Christmas cookies, Micah and I thought we would share this simple, yet tasty recipe called “Ham Sandwich”. Guaranteed to satisfy the 10:00 p.m. pains of even the hungriest of 14 year old boys, all of the ingredients are likely already in your cabinet and refrigerator (because unlike Martha Stewart, we don’t keep arugula or chopped pickled jalapeno chiles laying around our house.)

First, gather your ingredients:

Oroweat Oat Nut bread (or any bread); Boar’s Head Bavarian ham (or any ham), thinly sliced; cheddar cheese; spreadable butter (not recommended if you’re counting calories…); Best Maid hamburger pickle slices; Kraft Mayo (also not recommended…); French’s Spicy Brown mustard; Julio’s salsa; and baby spinach.

photo (60)

Next, spread butter on the INside of your sandwich. A logical person (meaning – ME) would say that the butter goes on the OUTside of your sandwich, but apparently 14-year-olds like for the butter to melt on the inside.

photo (61)

Then add your cheddar cheese. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can cut star shapes out of your cheese. Micah was just feeling hungry, so he went for the uneven slice look.

photo (62)

Ham goes on the opposite side.

photo (64)

Next, you drizzle some spicy brown mustard over the cheese. Micah usually writes “I love  Mommy” with the mustard. Not really. 🙂

photo (63)

A delicate sprinkling of baby (not adult!) spinach adds some vitamins and nutrients.

photo (58)

Then, it heads to the toaster. Pay no attention to the crumb buildup beneath the sandwich and don’t judge.

photo (65)

After the toasting, add pickles. You don’t add them BEFORE toasting, Micah says, because you want your pickles to be cold.

photo (66)

Add a dollop of Julio’s salsa to your plate for dipping…

photo (68)

and DIG IN.
photo (67)

And to make your mama happy, CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!

photo (59)

My food log today: 2 oz ham and a small handful of almonds for breakfast; lunch at my mother’s: chicken casserole, green beans, salad w/ 1 tsp Creamy Italian dressing, and a roll. And 2 spice cookies and some chocolate candy thing Mom made. 😦 Supper was a cup of soup and some pita chips & hummus.

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  1. Woah. I am very much a “turkey and lettuce, yes that’s all” girl, but this is really striking my fancy. Now if I could get New Canaan Farms to open a shop in Tokyo…

    I’m loving your blog! Thanks for sharing!

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