Don’t Forget Your Pants


Jordan recently received his senior ring in a ceremony commemorating his upcoming graduation (that he says can’t come soon enough) from Texas State University.

[Picture my proud mama beam here.]

The seniors who chose to participate walked single file through Strahan Coliseum, shook hands with official-looking people and dipped their hands in San Marcos River water while posing for pictures. I’m pretty sure Jordan was a reluctant participant. 🙂

Hang on, I’m getting to my point.

These young men and women were asked to wear “business attire.” For some, that meant nice blue jeans and boots. Quite a few of the men had on suits, and many of the women wore dresses. But one young woman in particular caught my eye (and quite a few others, I’m sure) because I think she forgot the bottom half of her pants suit. No kidding. She wore a buttoned suit coat and I’m not sure what else. Sorry for the mental picture, guys.

suit coat

While I’m sorry to say that my first reaction was one of distaste, I then began to wonder why this young woman chose to wear something like that. Was this (in her judgment) typical business attire? I wondered if her father was there, and if he wanted to run down the steps and throw a blanket around her. I wondered if there was someone in the audience that she was trying to impress with her beauty. I wondered if no one had ever explained to her that she was worth so much more than the skin beneath her coat.

I’ve noticed that as my size has gone down, so has the average neckline at the department stores. But not the hemline! It tends to be higher! Hmmm…I wonder why.

Here’s what I wish.

I wish girls of all ages would honestly, clearly, prayerfully, carefully, Biblically and humbly consider if the clothing they choose to wear reflects godliness (1 Tim. 2:9-10.)

I wish that our standards came from God and not fashion magazines or celebrities or best friends.

I wish that our girls would be so filled with God’s love and so content with pleasing Him that they would not want so badly to be physically admired and desired.

As far as my own attitudes are concerned – I wish that I were gentler and more patient in my attitudes towards those who are still learning and growing.

I wish that I did a better job exhibiting the amazing love of God towards ALL people, especially those who have no knowledge of Him.

Maybe some of you would agree that we all have some work to do?

Food log: Ham and one Kerbey Lane pancake for breakfast.  1 1/3 slice of grilled chicken pizza from Pizza Garden (YUM); some of Erin’s evil drizzled chocolate popcorn as a mid-afternoon snack; and soup & ½ piece of corn casserole/cornbread and one piece of dill bread at Anita’s Christmas party. And 1 little pecan pie tart and a 1X2 piece of coffee cake. NOT A GREAT EATING DAY. L

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