Trying to Stay Un-Hefty


Isn’t “un-hefty” a word? If it isn’t, it should be!

We’ve had a few people ask us “how we did it” (losing weight), and the following is part of an email between me and a friend. I have to say that we still are fighting to lose the last bit and are fully aware that it’ll be a fight to keep it off. I don’t have any illusions that we’ve got it all figured out! I just thought some of you might be interested in a few of the things that worked best for John and me.

By the way, this is one of the photos that I saw of myself that was kind of “the last straw.” I keep it on my refrigerator for motivation. And because I love Gretchen. 🙂


“Weight Watchers really does work because it teaches you to make better choices and it’s a lifestyle change, not a fad.

As far as my advice – I would say, don’t be in a big hurry because you need to be in it for the long haul. Don’t say “I’ve got to do it in six months” because that can set you up for failure. Also, don’t set unrealistic goals because you may get discouraged.

Track your food / points EVERY MEAL, EVERY DAY! (John didn’t track, he just followed me…but I had to or I’d forget what I’d eaten.) If you don’t have time to record it before you eat it, take a picture of your plate with your phone camera and then you can take time later to track your points.

Set a goal for losing ten pounds, and then go from there. Losing really is motivating, and it’s easier to lose in the beginning but don’t get discouraged if it slows down a little. The less you weigh, the less you need to eat, so your points will go down. Sometimes that’s a little depressing because you already think you don’t get to eat enough…but it’s worth it!

Discover new foods that you like and that satisfy you. The things that helped me the most are good Boars Head deli meats (smoked turkey, Bavarian ham) for breakfast or lunch (I don’t even need bread) – lots of protein and no carbs and fat (but be careful of sodium content)….also Laughing Cow cheese. The light ones are two for one point – great on pretzel chips and on baked potatoes. Also, we love spinach salads with grilled chicken – lots of grocery stores carry frozen pre-grilled chicken breasts so it’s easy to make a salad. There are lots of good light salad dressings, but I prefer the real stuff, I just don’t use much of it. Progresso light soups are filling and tasty.

Find the things that are high in protein (so they are filling and satisfying) and not just empty sugar calories. Most cereals are just sugar, so it was hard in the beginning, because I like cereal – but I hardly eat any now.

Find a good salsa and use that instead of cheese on eggs or baked potatoes, etc….I love Julios.

Give up ANY kind of sugar drink and switch to diet. (A lot of people say the diet sodas aren’t good for you and I’m sure they’re not but it has been pretty crucial for my weight loss to be able to have a diet soda.) I don’t even miss the regular ones any more. At all. And it didn’t take long – maybe a week or two for me to not miss it. I love Diet DP, DP Ten, Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi with cherry….almost all of them are great! Red Diamond splenda sweetened tea is good.

I’ll eat a little teaspoon of peanut butter when I’m feeling munchy – it’s semi-high in points but tastes good and is filling.

Most of this will all depend on your tastes. That’s what I mean when I say – find what works for you. Stick with it every day – don’t have a “cheat day” (unless that works for you) because to me, it would ruin my whole week.

One of the biggest things I guess is – when you’re eating something, ask yourself “am I really enjoying this?” If your answer is not whole heartedly YES, throw it away. Don’t waste calories on it. Save that for things you really enjoy.

If you have a big piece of cake in front of you and you’re feeling guilty – eat a bite or two and then pour your drink on top of it.  That really works for me, because it takes the temptation away and you won’t keep nibbling it.”

We wish you the best!

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  1. I use laughing cow cheeses for my sandwiches I get cheese on my sandwich and it replaces mayo…two for one if you ask me. Also I love ranch but I mix it half and half with salsa so i get the ranch flavor for my salad but also get enough dressing to make a difference by stretching it with salsa. One more-when I am out and i want a burger(which is often) i order a smaller bun at places like Whataburger and no bun oil(every restaurant oils the buns!) Its not going to make the hamburger diet but it cuts a good bit of the calories. Thanks Carla for being such an inspiration!!

    • Those are great ideas! I’ve never thought about doing that with ranch dressing. Do you slice the laughing cow on your sandwich? Mine’s usually too cold to spread.
      Some other tips – it’s weird, but sometimes if we’re eating at Thundercloud or someplace like that, I’ll take the top piece of bread off and eat the rest of the sandwich like pizza. I figure any little bit helps. And if you eat somewhere like PF Changs or Mama Fu’s you can ask them to “wok sear” instead of using oil.
      Thanks for your tips Phyllis. I always like hearing what other people do to cut calories here and there.

  2. Wow! I am really impressed with both of you and your dedication to this goal! I go back and forth with the same 20 lbs. all the time. I don’t feel good when it’s with me. I just feel blah. I am really wanting to get off of the sugar, but I. AM. WEAK. I am a total addict. I could live off of candy and breakfast cereal. But, I am setting a bad example for my kids, and I am at that point in my life where it’s not so much the number on the scale as it is how I feel and my health. (and not buying any more clothes in a bigger size because I don’t feel comfortable in the ones that I have. I totally would buy more clothes if the size stayed the same or if it even went down a notch or 2!) I have been reading your blog and paying attention. I am even going to go out and buy some of that laughing cow cheese after I find where it’s located in the store! 😉 Thanks for the tips!

  3. I’m like Katie French…. I’m weak… love sugar and cereal too! I am a total DP lover….so in a weak attempt to try to lose weight, I’ve discovered I like Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper or Dr. Pepper 10. I also love starchy foods: pasta, rice, potatoes. Need I say more? I’m still figuring myself out, even after 45 years of life on this planet. Ugh…

  4. Katie – when you only have 20 pounds or so, I’m not going to say it’s HARDER, but in some ways I think it’s more challenging to lose because there’s not as much motivation. Plus it takes longer to see results. I sure do feel better when I eat right.
    And ML, I was a DP lover too, but I don’t miss it at all anymore. 🙂 Pasta, rice and potatoes are my weaknesses too, along with bread. I still eat them, just not as much or as often. One of the good things about Weight Watchers is that it teaches you how much MORE you can have of good things compared the same amount of points for just a little pasta, etc.

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